Photo: Andrei Kirilenko has a horrible back tattoo

Check out Andrei Kirilenko's tattoo that covers his entire back. Photo via @Vicback on Twitter.

Check out Andrei Kirilenko’s tattoo that covers his entire back. Photo via @Vicback on Twitter.

The Brooklyn Nets finally got a chance to officially welcome Andrei Kirilenko to Brooklyn during a teleconference on Thursday where he discussed signing with the team, wanting to play in New York, and having a chance to win. One of the things that went unmentioned was his horrible back tattoo.

Check out the photo above via @Vicback on Twitter. This is what it looks like before it was quite finished, but it’s finished to the point where you have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. Figuring out what exactly it is, is another story.┬áIt appears to me to be some sort of dragon with a sword wielding knight on his back. Of course it’s not exactly a dragon, maybe an alligator? And it’s not exactly a knight, it kind of looks like a skeleton.

If anyone has any idea of what exactly it’s supposed to be, please leave a comment to try to explain it. Otherwise, feel free to speculate. All I know is that it’s fugly.

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