Doc Rivers talks the Nets, says Brooklyn could rejuvenate Paul Pierce

Doc Rivers admits that the trade was hard on Paul Pierce, but said it could rejuvenate his career. AP Photo.

Doc Rivers admits that the trade was hard on Paul Pierce, but said it could rejuvenate his career. AP Photo.

At the press conference to officially introduce Paul Pierce to Brooklyn, the 15-year veteran who spent his entire career with the Celtics admitted that the trade hadn’t sunk in yet and was clearly visibly shocked to be at the Barclays Center as a member of the Nets. However, when speaking with Rod Boone of Newsday, Pierce’s former head coach Doc Rivers said that he thought the move could rejuvenate The Truth’s career. He also touched on a few other subjects that have to do with the Nets.

  • On Pierce’s career Rivers said, “I think in some ways, it may give him more life. But I think it’s tough for him personally.”
  • Rivers explained that the trade worked out for both teams as Brooklyn got the pieces to go for a championship while Boston got pieces to help it rebuild.
  • Rivers expects the team to be able to get on the same page. “I think it will come together. Listen, anything comes together when a lot of people want it to come together and they have a lot of guys that want it to come together. Paul, Jason, and Kevin want to win another title and everyone else wants to win their first.”
  • The key for Jason Kidd‘s success as the head coach will be Lawrence Frank. “I think Lawrence will be great for Jason for a lot of reasons. One, that he’s been a head coach. Two, he coached Jason. So, he knows him on a personal level. And then three, he was with me in Boston and he’s coached Paul and Kevin. So, he knows them.”
  • Rivers didn’t say anyone will beat the Heat this year, but pointed out that a few teams really tested them last year. “You are going to have to play well, but there are a lot of teams loading up to beat them,” he said.

On Pierce resurrecting his career in Brooklyn, well, he doesn’t have a lot of lost ground in the first place. Pierce still averaged 20.0 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per 36 minutes last year. Those numbers are as good or better than anything else he’s done in his 30’s. The biggest thing for Pierce last season was that he played fewer minutes last season, 33.4 per game, than in any year of his career.

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