Celtics fans hoping MarShon Brooks sticks around


MarShon Brooks may finally get a shot with the Boston Celtics if their fans get their way. AP Photo.

MarShon Brooks may finally get a shot with the Boston Celtics if their fans get their way. AP Photo.

MarShon Brooks became a favorite of most Nets fans during the terrible 70-loss season of 2011-12 as he was one of the very few standouts on the team. It was expected that he could be part of a younger core for this season and when he didn’t get much playing time in 2012-13 it was common to see #FreeMarShon on Twitter throughout games.

At the same time though, the Nets have been a team with championship aspirations and on a roster with limited flexibility Brooks gave them options so a trade felt inevitable. Celtics fans also seem to have taken to Brooks as probably the only bright spot in the Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce trade that isn’t a draft pick and, according to the fans of one popular Celtics blog, they are hoping that he sticks around.

CelticsBlog.com has a regular “Keep Him or Trade Him” series in which author Kevin O’Connor goes through the pros and cons of each player and then asks readers whether the team should keep that player or trade that player. So far, a larger percentage of readers have chosen “Keep” for Brooks with a whopping 84 percent saying the team should keep him.

“I think keeping Brooks through this season makes a lot of sense because if he’s given playing time and performs well, his value could skyrocket,” O’Connor wrote. “Click here for a highlight of a game from last seasonĀ that he started and scored 27-points on 12-of-16 shooting. Will this happen every night? No. But if it happens more frequently with the Celtics he quickly becomes your future two-guard, a sixth man, or even more trade bait.”

Only two other players on the team have gotten at least 51 percent “keep” with Courtney Lee coming in at 70 percent and Kris Humphries at 52 percent. I think most Nets fans would be happy to see that Celtics fans want to keep Brooks. He was impressive in his rookie season and probably deserved a bit better on last year’s squad. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’d love to see him get a real chance with the Celtics this season and that I might even be rooting for him if he does, just not against the Nets (although if Brooklyn beat the Celtics and Brooks scored 30 it wouldn’t be so bad).

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