Brook Lopez to have his his boot removed on Friday

Brook Lopez will have the boot removed from his foot on Friday. AP Photo.

Brook Lopez will have the boot removed from his foot on Friday. AP Photo.

Brook Lopez recently sat down with Adam Figman of Slam Online for a pretty funny interview and one so unique that it could only be done with Lopez. I encourage you to read it in its entirety, but here is the gist of it.

  • Lopez said that the boot is coming off his surgically repaired foot on Friday. He added that he had the surgery as soon as possible to give himself the maximum recovery time as he plans to take even rehab slowly.
  • Lopez said he’s excited to get started since the Nets trade with the Celtics for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. He said that the players arranged a practice for later on this month.
  • He’s been keeping busy this summer with a family cruise through Europe.
  • More recently he was with the Clinton Foundation in Africa. He described the trip as life changing. He added that Bill Clinton is excited by the Nets and plans to come to a game this season.
  • When ask what movie he would show his team to motivate them he picked Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • He started an Instagram account for his cat after people hounded him to start one for a while.
  • Gerald Wallace is a big candy fanatic with his go-to being Reese’s Pieces. Reggie Evans is friends with the guys from Duck Dynasty.
  • Brook prefers DC Comics to Marvel Comics and sounded upset because DC hasn’t done with the Justice League like Marvel has done with the Avengers.

Like I said, unique interview that only Lopez could do.


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