Nets GM Billy King: Persistence paid off in trade with Celtics

Persistence paid off for Billy King as he landed his targets. AP Photo.

Persistence paid off for Billy King as he landed his targets. AP Photo.

For most of us, the Brooklyn Nets trade with the Celtics for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry came as a surprise. However, for Nets general manager Billy King, the trade only came after a long time talking with Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge.

“Whenever you are in the position I’m in you always look and wonder if there are times that they would ever move guys,” King said. “You make calls and I think at different times there were conversations I had with Danny (where I would ask him) would he move these guys and he said ‘no’. I think you gotta be persistent and keep doing that.”

King must have been trying for Garnett and Pierce for some time because he couldn’t speak more highly about them if he was trying.

“When you are building a team, you want to add players with a championship pedigree,” he said. “The three players here are all champions. Just talking them, they don’t just bring basketball, they bring knowledge, they bring experience and competitiveness.

“I’ve known and watched Kevin play for a long time. The examples that he sets on the court and off the court are ones that every team wants. Paul has made big shots against us, (when I was with) Philadelphia (and) Brooklyn. He’s won big games with Boston.”

Last year’s Nets squad sorely lacked toughness and defense so it makes sense that King was asking Ainge about him consistently. Pierce gives them another scoring option and makes the team a real threat too. I doubt he was constantly asking about Terry, but even he has the type of game that rounds out this team well. King has his targets, let’s hope he gets his intended results too.

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