Nets coach Jason Kidd speaks at a season ticket holder event

Nets head coach Jason Kidd said that he expects to limit the minutes for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to keep them healthy for the playoffs. AP Photo.

Nets head coach Jason Kidd said that if D-Will isn’t a MVP candidate that he isn’t doing his job this season. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd sat down with TIm Capstraw, the Nets radio analyst, at the Barclays Center Monday night to answer questions from season ticket holders. Back in the day this sort of thing wouldn’t have reached us, but today, thanks to the wonderful invention of Twitter, we know exactly what Kidd said.

  • The first bit of news out of the event was that Kidd revealed that the Nets will open the season in Cleveland (link). So much for opening against the Knicks.
  • Jason Kidd has been simulating timeouts, talking to a fake coaching staff, in his hotel room to practice coaching. Haha! (link).
  • When asked about the Nets being an “elderly team” Kidd responded that, “It’s ok to be older and wiser.” (Link).
  • Kidd was asked if mental toughness could be taught. He said yes and cited Game 7 of the Bulls series as a lesson in mental toughness (link).
  • Kidd was asked to compare this year’s team to last year’s and cited depth, basketball IQ, and mental toughness as weakness on last year’s team that have now become strengths (link).
  • Comparing him to players like Danny Green and Chris Anderson, Kidd said that Alan Anderson will be the dark horse that puts the Nets over the edge (link).
  • On Deron Williams, Kidd said that with his improved health, “if D-Will is not an MVP candidate, we’re not doing our job.” (Link).

Pretty straightforward coach speak. The bit about opening against Cleveland was probably the biggest take away. I also like hearing Kidd’s expectations of D-Will. Hopefully he thrives under the new head coach.

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