MarShon Brooks calls last season in Brooklyn tough

MarShon Brooks expects a fresh start in Boston after a tough season in Brooklyn last year. AP Photo.

MarShon Brooks expects a fresh start in Boston after a tough season in Brooklyn last year. AP Photo.

One of the few bright spots in the then New Jersey Nets’ 2011-12 seasons was MarShon Brooks. As a rookie, he averaged 15.5 points with 4.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists per game shooting 42.8 percent in an otherwise dismal season. With the team moving to Brooklyn, it appeared that he brought a bright young spark to a veteran club and would be given a chance to show off what he could do.

Things started off well for Brooks, he averaged 19.6 minutes per game over the first three games while scoring 10.3 points and shooting 63.2 percent from the floor. Then he got hurt, injured his ankle in shootaround, and was never averaged even close to 20 minutes a game over a three game span again until January and even that didn’t last.

“It was tough,” Brooks said at a press conference where the Celtics introduced him alongside Kris Humphries and Keith Bogans. “It was tough. The reason why it was tough was because I never really felt that I got beat out of my situation. I never really feel like I got beat.

“I feel like it was given…my minutes were given away. I was playing the first three games of the year, I was playing 25 minutes and shooting 60-something percent from the field at the time, went down with a freak injury in shootaround, and when I came back nothing was the same. So I felt like honestly I was on my way to a really good year if things had stayed that way … but I learned a lot, man. I learned a lot.”

Brooks said that with Jason Kidd installed as the new coach of the Nets that he expected things would be different next season. Still, he seems to be very excited by the trade.

“I’m so excited man, but I understand that nothing’s going to be given,” he said. “They’ve got a couple of young guards, and the main thing for me is just working hard.”

The Celtics currently have a logjam at the shooting guard position so Brooks will have to compete for playing time in Boston. Bogans , Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, and Jordan Crawford could all see time at the 2-spot.

Gerald Wallace wasn’t at the press conference because he was running his annual basketball camp in Alabama.

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