Kevin Garnett: How the Nets gel is the biggest question

Kevin Garnett says that the biggest question the Nets face is how they gel. AP Photo.

Kevin Garnett says that the biggest question the Nets face is how they gel. AP Photo.

It sounds like the decision to waive his no trade clause was not an easy one for Kevin Garnett. During Thursday’s introductory press conference at the Barclays Center, Paul Pierce mentioned that Garnett’s initial reaction to the trade was to reject it, but after thinking about it for some time KG liked the idea of another championship run rather than staying in Boston or retiring.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to move from Boston, but I felt like the two organizations are going in different directions,” Garnett explained. “For me, one of the major reasons I decided to come here is because the bones of this. I feel like what you see up here and with the bones they have already in (Deron Williams) and all the pieces they have here, (Joe Johnson), I feel like Brooklyn gives us the best option to win again, win it all. I’m embracing this opportunity, my family is embracing this opportunity and we’re looking forward to it.

“Having (Jason Terry) and Paul with me was a really, really big issue,” he said. “Obviously you want to be in a position where you’re comfortable. I don’t know anyone who loves change, but change has to happen. When I sat down and the dust had settled and all the facts and what it is. That’s when I made my decision. I sat with my family, took my time, and didn’t rush. I just wanted to sit and see how I felt about the whole thing, leaving Boston, change, retirement, how long you want to play, desire. I made my decision with a clear mind and a clear head and here we are.”

So KG came here to win a chip. No surprise, that was the common theme of Thursday’s presser. The biggest question in KG’s head about whether or not they can actually win a championship is how the team gels and how fast they can do it.

“You see the talent that’s already here; you see us coming into it and now it’s about how well we gel,” Garnett said. “Everybody understanding one another, minding each other’s games. I felt like the difference in years I spend in Boston and when we won and when we didn’t was how we dealt with each other and how we communicated with each other. As crazy as it sounds it’s the little things that make up nights when you are down and you come back and make a run. One guy is not on, so many different situations but at the end of the day you have to communicate.

“These are things we took away from our situation in Boston. You have to communicate and understand each other and be able to gel. That’s the biggest question about this team, how well are we able to gel and how quickly we can gel.”

The trio of KG, Pierce, and Terry spoke at length about the fact that they feel like their skills compliment those of the current Nets players. So at least they feel good about the idea that they will indeed be able to gel. I suppose it really comes down to how much the players are willing to sacrifice, play defense, and give up their own personal statistics for the good of the team.

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