Bojan Bogdanovic says he’ll play in Brooklyn…one day

Bojan Bogdanovic says he still wants to play in Brooklyn, eventually. AP Photo.

Bojan Bogdanovic says he still wants to play in Brooklyn, eventually. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets tried hard to bring Bojan Bogdanovic to the states this year, but failed to reach an agreement with him and they signed Andrei Kirilenko instead. Even after the Nets moved on, they’re still are rumored to be interested in bringing him over from Turkey eventually and, even better news, he still wants to come to Brooklyn, eventually.

“(Fenerbahce, his current team) is excellent with great expectations, but certainly you will see me one day in Brooklyn,” Bogdanovic told Gol Croatia (translation via

Talks between the Nets and Bogdanovic broke down when he couldn’t get his Turkish team to lower his buyout from $2 million (which he would owe Fenerbahce if he left for the NBA). He’s rumored to be working on an extension with a cheaper buyout, but will be a free agent next summer who would be able to come to the Nets if a deal isn’t reached.

The Nets retain his rights in perpetuity unless they trade him. At this point he’s kind of like a draft pick where they can keep his rights and bring him over as soon as possible, providing them with cheap quality talent. Or they can use him as a trade chip to make up for the three draft picks they lost in the Boston Celtics trade.

Bogdanovic previously said that he stayed in Turkey because he wants to play for acclaimed European coach Zeljko Obradovic and to have a shot to win a championship in Europe.

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