Andray Blatche shows his good side in Syracuse charity event


Andray Blatche has been giving back to the Syracuse community for years. AP Photo.

Andray Blatche has been giving back to the Syracuse community for years. AP Photo.

Andray Blatche made big strides with the Brooklyn Nets last season as he became a more mature player on the court. Away from the court is another story as he was questioned in a sexual assault case, doesn’t pay his tolls, and trolls the Washington Wizards, the team that amnestied him, and that was all within the last year.

The true story is that Blatche isn’t all bad. He has actually done a lot of good for his community in Syracuse, New York, who even gave him the key to the city last year.

Blatche was back in Syracuse last weekend for a 40-and-over basketball game and to host a charity drive where he donated school supplies to several organizations and six different churches in Syracuse. It’s just Blatche’s way of showing the community that raised him that he appreciates what they’ve done. Blatche even went as far as to host a cookout at one of his relative’s houses and invited locals to stop by.

“It’s for the whole Syracuse. That’s where I was born and raised,” Blatche told Jared Zwerling of “I do the 40-and-over league for the older heads that showed me the way when I was growing up — that were taking care of me and making sure I wasn’t in trouble. That’s for them.”

By the way, it wasn’t one of those games where Blatche just went and showed off his skills to a bunch of guys that have no choice but to make him look good. It was 10 teams and 100 players, guys that helped teach him the game, where Blatche reffed. Afterward he took pictures with the players and signed autographs.

“They’re guys Andray watched play when he was younger, so now he’s supporting them to stay fit and healthy,” said his mother, Angela. “It’s to encourage them to continue playing, and that’s going to help with the diabetes. He has an uncle who’s a diabetic and my sister passed away of cancer, so he always likes to try to keep the health going. He loves giving back. He doesn’t do it for the notoriety; he does it because it comes from his heart.”

This is nothing new either as Blatche has been doing this for six years now which has created a lot of Nets fans in the past year.

“Oh my god, let me tell you. When Andray went to Brooklyn [in 2012], Syracuse was so happy because they got to see him on television more,” Angela said. “They got to see the games more, so during the games, they text me, ‘Did you see that?’ They’re just really, really excited to see the games.”

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