7 out of 7 NBA.com writers pick the Nets over the Knicks next season

NBA.com writers were unanimous in picking the Nets over the Knicks next season. AP Photo.

NBA.com writers were unanimous in picking the Nets over the Knicks next season. AP Photo.

Today on NBA.com’s Hang Time Blog blogtable, seven different NBA.com writers were asked to pick which team will win more playoff games next season, the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Knicks, and all seven writers went with the Nets.

It’s not hard to see why. Both teams were strong last year with the Knicks winning 54 games and one playoff series and the Nets winning 49 and getting knocked out in the first round. However, the Nets have made huge improvements by adding Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, and Andrei Kirilenko while the Knicks have made minimal improvements, trading for Andrea Bargnani and signing Metta World Peace. The Knicks loss of current Nets head coach Jason Kidd should not go unnoted.

Only Sekou Smith seemed to really even consider the Knicks because of the experience that Knicks head coach Mike Woodson has over neophyte coach Jason Kidd. Smith wrote that both teams have semifinals potential, but ultimately said that the Nets, “have a crew built for success in the second season.”

Everyone else pretty much said the same thing — the Nets by a long shot.

Steve Aschburner wrote, “I think the Nets double New York’s postseason victory total, easy.” Fran Blinebury wrote, “It’s the Nets by a mile.” Jeff Caplan said, “I think — I think (emphasis his) — this is a slam dunk,” and then noted how the Nets have significantly improved this offseason while the Knicks really haven’t. Scott Howard went with the Nets, but tempered his own expectations because he thought too highly of last year’s squad that ultimately fell to the Chicago Bulls. John Schuhmann put a lot of importance on defense and noted that the Nets are much improved in that area while the Knicks have added players with poor defensive reputations. And finally, Lang Whitaker predicted that the Knicks would win more regular season games, but said that the Nets are built to win in the postseason.

Good stuff for Nets fans out there. This, of course, means nothing. It’s one thing to win the offseason, but when it comes down to it playing games is the only way to determine how good a team is. Just ask Lakers’ fans. But since we’ve got so much time before basketball season even starts it’s OK to gloat a little bit in front of friends rooting for the orange and blue. Just remember, it wasn’t that long ago that most Knicks fans were pretending that the only team that could compete with them was the Heat.

Rivalry on!

Let’s hear from the readers! Which team do you think will have more playoff success and why?

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